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How to maintain automatic welding machine
How to choose an external axis for a welding robot
Common failures of welding robots
Precautions for using a welding robot for the first time
Factors affecting the welding robot
Working advantages of welding robots and requirements for welding wires

Shanghai Yigong Welding Technology Co., Ltd.

18816639161(余先生) Mobile phone: 18816639161 (Mr. Yu)

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(中峰产业园) Address: Building 2, No. 98 Songhai Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai (Zhongfeng Industrial Park)

Company Profile

Shanghai Yigong focuses on the development, application and promotion of automatic welding and high-end welding equipment, and strives to provide the best overall welding automation solution for the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry.

The team of high-quality engineers possesses can respond to the technical cooperation participating in welding projects at any time, and quickly provide operable automation solutions related to welding technology . And by integrating the high-quality resources of the international welding industry, we have selected welding processes and equipment with cost and practical advantages for customers to meet the needs of various applications.

Provide users with a fast and efficient comprehensive service through a strong dealer network.
To continue to provide the most advanced high-quality and efficient welding solutions to help customers improve welding production efficiency and competitiveness in the global market.

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